Ballek’s Garden Center   (860) 873-8878
90 Maple Avenue
East Haddam, CT 06423

We will be opening up our Cut Your Own Flower Garden! (Sold by the pound)


The East Haddam Farmer’s Market is officially open!🍓
Every Saturday from 3-6pm 





First, we want to say thank you to all of our customers for supporting us over the years and in the future.

Our main focus is keeping our family, our employees, and our customers safe, healthy, and happy.

To maintain social distance, we ask that our customers stay at least the recommended 6 ft away from each other, and our staff. Please do not form lines or touch unnecessary items. We have alcohol and sanitizer that our employees are using diligently.

We can gather your plants and supplies for you, just call/email ahead of time with a payment method, or arrange for delivery drop off. This is our busiest time of the year, so please be patient with orders, and try to be as specific as possible when ordering.

We will still be offering full service landscaping. Please call or email us to make an appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us. If you have any questions please call us at (860)873-8878 or email us at balleksgardencenter@gmail.com. As the situation evolves, so will our policies. Remember, our community’s health and well being is most important.

Here is an alphabetized list of some of our hard goods that are available for curbside pickup. Call 860-873-8878 to place your order!

Ballek’s is a family business with old-fashioned values of quality and service.  Our garden center is located in the center of the farm that has been in the family since the 1660’s. Our stewardship of this land underlies our commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of nature through gardening.


Ballek’s has always tried to set an example of “green” living and sustainable use of our resources. We support local businesses and organizations as much as possible. In keeping with our vision we have recently undertaken a major investment in solar energy. Currently we are producing all of our electricity with photo-voltaic panels (And putting the surplus back into the grid) and meeting our hot water needs with solar thermal units. We are very excited to set a precedent of locally produced electricity!

Ballek’s Garden Center    (860) 873-8878
90 Maple Avenue
East Haddam, CT 06423